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Golf Course Management Solutions

Brown Golf offers several solutions to help your club reach its full potential in today’s challenging golf environment. Whether you are looking for full-service management or a revenue program to help grow your bottom line, Brown Golf has a program for you. Our services are designed to not only assist in operations, but also protect your asset. This detail cannot be overlooked and is one Brown Golf takes seriously as owners of clubs ourselves.

Our team will work with key decision makers in all areas to implement our programs and resources to immediately benefit your operation. Led by a decorated turnaround specialist, Brown Golf’s programs have provided positive results at struggling clubs in several challenging markets. Additionally, our programs have increased membership, revenue and service at many prestigious private clubs.

Brown Golf currently owns or manages over 20 golf courses from Florida to Pennsylvania who are experiencing the benefits of our programs such as purchasing power through bulk unit pricing, operational programs, complimentary golf lesson program, marketing communications, a national reciprocal program and much more!

Investing in PeopleExpertise without InfiltrationOperational EfficienciesProfitability

BG Global is a complete solution for golf course management including the following services:

  • Corporate Leadership & Support

  • BG Accounting Solutions

  • BG Sales & Marketing

  • BG Human Resources

  • Inclusion in BG Procurement Relationships

  • BG Operating Platforms Implementation

  • BG Business Tools

  • BG Management Reporting

BG Premier is a full-service solution for golf course management that includes the following components:

  • Corporate Leadership & Support

  • BG Accounting Solutions

  • BG Sales & Marketing

  • BG Human Resources

  • Inclusion in BG Procurement Relationships

Growing the bottom line should be a priority at every club in today’s economy. Many industry professionals can assist with savings at your club, but who is helping grow your bottom line? BG Drive accomplishes that and more!

  • Increase your bottom-line revenue 7-15%

  • Increase your online tee time reservations and website traffic 200-300%

  • OTTO Website Booking Engine – Driven by DRS

  • Revenue Management Services

    • Full Yield Management

    • Analysis and Pricing of 3rd Party Distribution Channels

  • Customized Marketing Collateral & Launch Campaign

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Management Service Details

Growing the bottom line should be a priority at every club in today’s economy. Many industry professionals can assist with savings at your club, but who is helping grow your bottom line? BG Drive accomplishes that and more! The practice of dynamic pricing has been adopted by many industries recently from hotels, airlines, rental cars and even your favorite professional sports teams! Golf has been slow to transition to a new pricing structure; however, the results are tremendous thus far and it’s time to tee it up and grow your bottom-line revenue!

What is Dynamic Pricing? – The practice of dynamic pricing gives your property the ability to adjust rates – both higher and lower – in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors.
With BG Drive, your course will receive a dedicated Revenue Manager to adjust your rates on both your website and 3rd party channels.

What does this mean for the golf consumer? – In a nutshell, more affordable and accessible golf. Dynamic pricing puts the golfer in control, offering the right TIME, to the right PERSON, at the right PRICE!
BG Drive helps maximize your ADR in prime times and increase utilization in typically slow times.

It’s in the Numbers…

  • Increase your bottom-line revenue 7-15%
  • Increase your online tee time reservations and website traffic 200-300%

Sign up today and receive the following benefits!

OTTO Website Booking Engine – Driven by DRS

  • Up to 6 customizable rate sets
  • Quick promo code creation
  • Data Collection – Owned by Your Club, not the 3rd Party Vendor
  • Integration into most electronic tee sheets

Revenue Management Services

  • Full Yield Management with Data Analysis & Demand Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Assigned Revenue Manager
  • Weekly call for reviews and goal setting
  • Reporting
  • Best Practices Training
  • Analysis and Pricing of 3rd Party Distribution Channels

Customized Marketing Collateral & Launch Campaign

  • 6’ Outdoor Pop Up (For Cart Staging Area)
  • Custom Pro Shop Vinyl Banner
  • Cart Sign Holders
  • Counter and Table Tents
  • eBlast Launch Campaign


To become a leader in any business a company must invest in their people. Brown Golf has made this commitment through a customized General Manager Training Program. This program is designed to encourage personal growth with all of Brown Golf’s onsite leaders. This program has been developed by the four owners of the company with the goal of providing our staff with the tools and resources to continue to grow and become experts in the golf industry.

Led by a PGA Master Professional with nearly 40 years of industry experience and some of the industry’s best operators, our ongoing training commitment is second to none. Brown Golf believes in providing resources and opportunities to allow our personnel to continue to grow and reach their potential.

  1. Cultivate the Brown Golf culture of expertise, operational efficiency, and profitability.
  2. While also providing a vehicle to absorb key onsite employees in new management or consulting situations that can learn some of the key aspects of our success.

Brown Golf is dedicated to investing in our people and developing the necessary mechanism for operational growth.

Finance & Accounting – Why Outsource?

The loss of your Controller can seriously affect the organization and operation of your golf course; especially if the general manager isn’t up to speed on the accounting, software, network and payroll processes. Golf course owners need to have a backup plan!

Outsourced accounting is an affordable alternative course owners may not be aware of. Given today’s online environment, outsourced accounting tasks are easily accomplished with the right business partner. Brown Golf Management (BGM) uses the latest remote access technology to provide full service accounting and finance functions in a secure and equitable environment.

Often times, an 18-hole golf course has one full-time person to keep the books, with no readily available backup for the position. Given this, internal controls are difficult to implement, software utilization is mediocre and many general managers and investors are left wanting reporting instruments to operate. BGM has the expertise, staff and technology to provide you with the tools needed to operate efficiently at a significant cost savings.

Other benefits to outsourced accounting include:
  • Department heads obtain an increased sense of operational knowledge as they communicate with industry professionals and accountants who know and understand the industry.
  • The addition of independent third party accountants eliminates collusion and camaraderie that can exist between in house staff and management.
Obtain efficiencies and cost savings through the following:
  • Reduce accounting costs by 30% or more
  • Fixed price contract
  • No need to add computers or office space
  • No need to pay benefits, payroll taxes or workers compensation insurance
  • No need to hire, train or fire employees
  • Deal with CPAs who specialize in the golf and entertainment industries that can assist in lowering your operating expenses through: real estate tax appeal, insurance expense review, credit card processor review and more…
  • Obtain our networks pricing discounts for such things as credit card fees, equipment financing, insurance and more…

BGM has the added benefit of industry specialization. We know the nuances that come with golf course ownership and can share industry knowledge during your budget process. We will work with your management group to assist in finding the right personnel for your club and we will train your staff to perform the managerial functions necessary to track daily performance compared to the budget.

The loss of a golf course controller can be positive, bringing an opportunity to evaluate your needs and realize now is your chance to reduce payroll, reduce employment benefits and related insurance expenses, reduce costs of independent audits and tax return processing fees, while improving your control environment and reporting practices. Now is the time to think outside the box and join BGM as an outsourced accounting partner.

BGM will strategically align with you to provide full service accounting and finance services to meet your property’s accounting, financial management and consulting needs at a fraction of the cost of an in-house accountant.

Accounting & Finance Services

Successful golf courses must have solid leadership, a good strategy and the personnel to execute, both operationally and financially. Financially, Brown Golf Management (BGM) will establish both a sound accounting platform and implement a solid control environment, tracking and securing investor assets.

BGM will strategically align with your golf club to provide full service accounting and finance services to meet your property’s accounting, financial management and consulting needs.

Examples of our services include

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Transaction Processing
  • Business Consultation
  • Internal Review

Financial Statement Preparation

Our financial reporting services are designed to organize and prepare your financial records and then interpret the data as it relates to the financial health of your property.

Our services provide timely interim and annual financial statements in the form of an electronically prepared balance sheet, operating statement and cash flow statement (prepared upon request).

Balance Sheet – BGM will provide a quantitative summary of your property’s financial condition at a specific point in time, including all productive assets, financing liabilities and net worth.

Operating Statement – a tailored breakdown of sales, costs of sales and other operating expenses (profit and loss) for the month and year-to-date in comparison to budget.

Cash Flow Statement – a customized analysis of your property’s cash sources and uses relating to operating, financing and investing activities. Cash flow statements may be prepared upon owner’s request.

In addition to financial statement preparation, BGM will:

  • Maintain the General Ledger
  • Manage Accounts Receivable in Association with Property Personnel
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Prepare Sales Tax & Other Informational Returns

Transaction Processing

The handling of routine day-to-day accounting transactions can inhibit management’s ability to focus on core business activities. BGM services all vendor and employee related transactions through accounts payable and payroll processing services.

Accounts Payable Processing – BGM provides cost effective, high quality transaction processing services. Our accounts payable check writing service produces professional, computer generated checks. In addition, BGM provides detailed management analysis, by disbursement period, allowing for continuous wherewithal of outstanding liabilities.

Payroll Processing – from timekeeping to taxes, we work with an independent third party payroll processor & property personnel to provide complete payroll services in a timely and accurate fashion.

A complete list of payroll processing services is as follows:

  • Check Printing, Signing & Distribution
  • Employee Earnings Statements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax Deposition of Local, State & Federal Liabilities
  • Tax Filing of 941s, W2s & Other Related Reports
  • Payroll & Wage Garnishment Reporting
  • Benefit Accrual Tracking & Administration
  • Tip Tracking
  • Departmentalization Summaries
  • New Hire Tracking
  • Multi-State and Jurisdiction Processing & Reporting

Business Consultation

Beyond the routine accounting activities, we focus on the property’s long-range growth and protection. BGM focuses on planning, financing, operational and management assistance in the following areas:

  • Cash Flow Projection & Control
  • Budget Preparation
  • Short & Long Term Business Planning
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Real Estate Tax Review & Appeal
  • Insurance Expense Review
  • Merchant Fee Review
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Credit Negotiation
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Asset Assessment

BGM assists in the growth, preservation and protection of your property’s assets and interests.

Internal Review

Accelerated growth, change and competition have added new challenges to the organizational structure, operations and risk management of business entities. BGM has focused internal review services developed to identify risks, analyze internal processes for greater effectiveness and efficiencies and create risk management protocols.

BGM focuses on operational controls through internal review services gaining objectivity needed to help identify and manage the risks inherent in your operations. BGM has created proven alternatives and profit enhancing suggestions that help develop operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Internal review services include:

  • Floor Plan Review
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Corporate Governance
  • Due Diligence Acquisition Accounting
  • Risk & Quality Control Assessments
  • Operational Walkthroughs

Overall, BGM has over twenty years of accounting and audit experience, most within the sports and entertainment industries, working with seventy plus golf courses across the country. We offer cost effective services in terms of efficiency, accuracy, overall accounting and internal control management and the ability to analyze and interpret the financial data surrounding your operations.

Our standards are high and our review process is thorough. BGM reviews all work for accuracy and provides timely, accurate and reliable financial information to assist in making planning and forecasting decisions.

In addition to processing and recording transactions, we analyze and interpret the operations of your property. BGM, along with management, interprets the significance of your financial statements and watches over the financial health of your property.

Finally, we care about our clients and strive to assist them in every aspect of their accounting and finance operations.

Human resources

Brown Golf offers club’s the opportunity to choose a Human Resource package where we take on the employees as Brown Golf (BGM) or we offer Human Resources Assistance; however, the employees remain with the current entity.

HR Services with BGM taking on Employees

Affordable employee health insurance and benefits
Benefit Administration
  • We work alongside Benefit Design Specialists to negotiate and find the best medical, dental and vision packages for our employees
  • We will handle enrollment and will be available to answer questions for your employees regarding their health care coverage.
  • Cobra Administration is handled through Benefit Design Specialists
Stress free payroll and HR administration
  • We will utilize our payroll system to allow employees to track time through a web based time & attendance system allowing you a reduction in payroll, accounting and benefit related paperwork.
Workers’ Compensation Coverage
  • We will report claims and monitor the administration and coordination of any claims from your property.
Dedicated HR Support & Human Resource Solutions
  • We will provide you with tools to help manage employee relations, recruitment and retention. This includes the Brown Golf Human Resources Manual which includes tools to help guide your staff in the direction of operation excellence and legal compliance. (For the full list of what this offers see the bullet points below)

Dedicated HR Support & Human Resource Solutions with Employees under Your Entity

  • We will provide you with the Brown Golf Human Resources Manual
  • New Hire procedures
  • Review Employee Handbook or create one if there is not one already
  • Work with your club to develop customized policies and procedures
  • Employee warning and termination guidelines
  • Create customized performance evaluations
  • Department of Labor/EEOC Regulatory Compliance
  • Audit your current HR practices
  • Develop & Train staff to follow OSHA Standards
  • Develop a Safety Committee which can reduce costs in workers compensation premiums


Brown Golf has developed a network of marketing professionals that consistently deliver results-driven marketing in today’s challenging golf environment. We believe it is vital to any courses success to establish a solid marketing plan and utilize today’s professional tools to maximize your exposure and return. Our team will work to develop and execute a plan best fit for your club to provide you the greatest short and long-term market share possible.


Brown Golf continues to push forward as a leader in innovation and technology. Utilizing industry professionals to deliver the most up to date and compliant websites the golf industry has to offer, Brown Golf consistently delivers industry leading websites. Brown Golf has negotiated extremely affordable rates for website services including design, content management, SEO, eBlasts, SMS Text and more! The golf industry’s leading web developer, Golf Web Design, will deliver your club the best product you can find in golf today.
golf web design for golf courses professionals
Visit the Golf Web Design Website


It’s your brand, not ours. Brown Golf’s creative team works directly with your club and Brown Golf’s Director of Sales & Marketing to achieve successful branding of your club. Brown Golf believes in strategic building of brands for our clients and we’re here to assist your club accomplish that. Our in house Marketing Communications will handle all of your clubs needs from Integrated Marketing, Brand Management, Creative, Public Relations, Social Media and much more. This service will provide your club a uniform look with a price match guarantee.


Eagle Watch Golf has developed a program that is ready to revolutionize the golf industry! Brown Golf has established a partnership with EWG to offer their innovative program at our courses, one we see as a great benefit. Give your players the ability to win cash for hitting great golf shots! With their new hole-in-one jackpot, players have been swarming to the tee for their opportunity to win cash! These jackpots are expected to grow to figures every golfer will want the opportunity to win! Who wouldn’t want this great benefit on their course?

Visit the Eagle Watch Golf Website

Food & Beverage

Brown Golf is committed to providing exceptional food and beverage services across a multitude of platforms. We operate full service restaurants, quick-service counters, and large scale banquet operations all with the same goal, making sure every guest leaves satisfied.

Through our tailored operating model, “The Brown Golf Way,” we ensure our food and beverage outlets are not only providing outstanding service, but operating as profit centers. It’s our belief that food and beverage operations should not only be great amenities, but another source of club income.

Brown Golf maintains high levels of service and ensures a standard operating return through:

  • Labor and expense control
  • Acceptable cost of sales percentages
  • Menu engineering
  • Revenue projections
  • Continuous team member training
  • Clean facilities
  • And executing “The Moment of Truth”


As in any business, there is power in numbers. Brown Golf is no different as we have constructed a national accounts profile and corporate pricing that will benefit all Brown Golf facilities under our umbrella pricing. Our company has partnered with some of the best companies in golf and the benefits are designed to help you succeed.

These companies include but are not limited to:

  • Titleist
  • Under Armour
  • Foot Joy
  • VGM
  • Jacobsen
  • EZGO
  • US Foods
  • And much more

Our company will assist in helping your club save money immediately through our corporate buying power.

Golf Operations

A golf operation’s efficiency runs in direct correlation with a club’s overall profitability. A dollar earned in golf is a dollar made in profitability. Brown Golf understands this correlation and has built the necessary operational efficiencies to maximize golf revenues.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Merchandise Profitability
  • Guest Service Oriented Culture
  • Electronic Tee Sheets
  • Online Booking Engines
  • Dynamic Revenue Pricing
  • Tee Sheet Optimization
  • And much more.

Let our team explain the keys to develop revenue. Whether you are a private club, semi-private, or public course a commitment to golf revenue growth is essential to developing profitability.


Agronomic conditioning is one of the core principals to any golf courses success. Brown Golf understands that creating a beautiful, scenic environment with superior playing conditions is essential to revenue development for all clubs.

Brown Golf is a leader in balancing the need for superior conditioning with maximizing the value of each dollar spent within the Agronomy Department. Agronomy Departments are by far and away the largest financial line item in any kind of golf operation. Brown Golf understands that not only is the requirement to produce superior conditions vitally important, but structuring the correct approach to equipment purchases, chemical programs, and a club’s overall agronomic approach is just as important.

Our team will take the time to educate all ownership groups on what its club’s agronomic approach should be and how that will drastically improve both conditioning and profitability.

Today ● Tomorrow ● Together

Are you a club owner or board member seeking professional management for your club? Brown Golf welcomes the opportunity to learn more and discuss how we can help through an introductory meeting!