What’s you name position and facility

Anthony Mastrangelo, Head Golf Professional at Pinecrest and Island West Golf Clubs

How long have you been involved in golf and at your current facility?

I have been with Pinecrest for 1 year and Island West for 3 months.

What is your favorite hole on the course and why?

Island West would be number 14, par 5, late dogleg right over a massive oak in front of the green. It is a unique hole with a lot of risk for high reward. I have eagled that hole a few times and it’s always fun to gamble at the flag when you can barely see it beyond the tree and its paid off a few times.

Pinecrest would be number 14 as well, another par 5, long and straight, nothing but a few fairway bunkers and some greenside but very getable if you hit a good drive. Have eagled and birdied many times.

Top 3 things for visitors to check out in the area?

Historic Old Town Bluffton, a lot of great places, restaurants and sights. Can walk around going in and out of galleries, shops and cafes. I really enjoy the cottage restaurant, great location and setting with a porch. The cottage website http://thecottagebluffton.com/  old town Bluffton website https://oldtownbluffton.com/

Hilton Head Island itself, great beaches, a lot of activities such as zip lining, paddle boarding and fishing charters. https://www.hiltonheadisland.org/

Shelter cove marina and shopping center. Great location to shop, dine and do activities. Located on the marsh, its recently been revamped and expanded. A lot of new restaurants and shopping centers..


What’s your favorite thing about the area?

My favorite thing about the area is of course the golf and fishing but also the location, it’s extremely close to Florida to which we travel a lot to Orlando, Jacksonville and others and also being a NASCAR fan we have 4 major race tracks within 3 hours from here to travel to.

Best story from your time at your current facility? 

Best story from Pinecrest would honestly be my year of working there. It has been fun, tiresome and rewarding to watch the place begin to return to its former self. We all have worked hard to change up the culture and bring new experiences to PC adding value to our membership and to all who walk through the door. I hope to have the same story in 2020 for Island West.