Introducing Cadi

Exclusively at The Legends at Orange Lake Resort

Cadi is the worlds first unattended, automated golf kiosk allows golfers to test clubs ON THE COURSE and purchase DIRECTLY FROM THE KIOSK.

In the modern era of golf, golfers only option to purchase new clubs was to visit a local golf retail store and hit various golf clubs in a controlled environment or find a demo day that may be present in their area once per year. This had led to many golf club purchases that ultimately made their way to that spare golf bag in the garage. – I know I have a few myself.

This is where Cadi, led by CEO, Tyler Gottstein plays their part. Their new unattended automated kiosk that allows golfers to demo and compare golf equipment in the ideal location… on the golf course and driving range. With a few clicks on the touch screen interface golfers can browse a selection of the newest golf clubs and try out any club for the day. If you ended up loving the club, simply keep it and your credit card will be charged the full amount. If you didn’t like the club, simply return the club to the kiosk and try something else.

Cadi understands that during the demo period, club will inevitably start to show signs of use. Not only will the Cadi Kiosk’s inventory will be updated regularly with new clubs, but the prices of slightly used demo clubs will also be adjusted to reflect their condition. This is another way to save money if you don’t mind buying a slightly used club.

Golf course operators will also benefit from the kiosk as well by allowing their driving range to become a demo day, every day all while creating accessibility and an overall great purchase experience for golfers.

Cadi has support and investments from TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Leupold and other various training equipment companies. The kiosk provides numerous benefits to the golf course and the best part is that Cadi does all the work.

The very first Cadi Kiosk is currently on display at The Legends at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando Florida, managed by Brown Golf Management. If you’re in the Orlando Area, stop by to demo a club and see the kiosk in action.