GolfBack was founded in 2020 by the owners of Brown Golf – John M Brown, CEO, Jason Harshbarger, CFO, Lee Arroyo and four of its key employees. The goal of GolfBack is to empower golf courses to take back key aspects of their business that have eroded over the years. This control has been lost through point of sale and third-party tee time distribution relationships which require barter/trade agreements, a standard practice in the golf technology landscape. Do you know the true cost of trading tee times? Try our barter calculator today –

Why did we create GolfBack?

  1. We wanted full access to our customer data – not just a name and email.
  2. We did not want our golf course customers remarketed to our competition.
  3. We wanted to set and own our lowest rate in the marketplace.
  4. We wanted to automate our processes and rely on real data.
  5. We wanted to maximize premium revenue opportunities on our busiest days.
  6. We needed to grow our network through a direct booking system.

GolfBack is a total sales, marketing, and technology ecosystem that provides a better way to drive direct tee time reservations, capture golfer data and communicate with your customers. Our system has four patent-pending innovations which include: a weather pricing tool, an instant rewards program, automated promo code functionality and strikethrough pricing. These innovations coupled with the tools listed below, truly deliver a direct booking system.


GolfBack’s technology is delivered through four fully automated and integrated tools within a Club’s point of sale system:


GolfBack websites are built with a search engine optimization focus, which is rooted in the foundation of the design. This leads to a higher probability that your website will be listed in key searches. Since converting Brown Golf websites from a well-known competitor, we have seen on average 2.5x to 3x the web traffic per month.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM):

GolfBack’s CRM tool builds a detailed profile of your customer. This profile provides consumer behavior data on a level that golf courses rarely see. Every customer that books a tee time or is entered into your POS system will be entered into your CRM tool. It is a tool that ensures the continuous growth of your customer database and network.


GolfBack’s email tool provides a bank of marketing automation sequences. These automated sequences scan detailed profiles in our CRM tool and distribute customer-specific communications at the right time to the right customer.

Online Booking Engine:

Innovative booking engine that delivers loyalty and profitability through:

  • Daily Steals = aggressively priced tee times that your golf course fully controls and owns. This tool helps assist Clubs in giving incredible value to their customers which creates unmatched loyalty.
  • Instant Rewards = options for customers to select instant rewards when booking a tee time on the platform. These rewards are controlled by the golf course and provide additional value to the customer while promoting additional spending in other revenue channels at the golf course.

Maximizing Revenue

  • Automated Promo Codes = fully customizable promotion offerings that expand a golf courses ability to retarget golfers and reward loyal customers.
  • Dynamic Pricing Algorithms = constant automated review of tee sheet utilization with a focus on driving rate on premium days.
  • Weather Algorithm = constant automated review of weather which ensures a golf course will maximize its rate based on premium weather conditions.

GolfBack’s revenue development team of Brent Miller, Sales & Marketing Director and Bryce Voisin, Technology & Revenue Director will assist your team in implementation and support. In addition, you will receive a monthly report which outlines key deliverables from our system.

To start taking your golf course inventory back, try our barter calculator to see what your third party tee time distribution relationship is costing you and to learn more about the GolfBack system and pricing visit – the power to build a direct booking environment is just a click away.


GolfNow vs. Golf Course – The Battle for Market Share and Attention

In 2019, GolfNow was affiliated with more than 7,000 golf courses. Ezlinks distribution platform was affiliated with approximately 3,000 courses. GolfNow facilitated worldwide some 17m rounds of golf in 2019. This number is up from 3.8m rounds of golf in 2009. In December of 2019, GolfNow acquired EzLinks and if you visit today the number of golf courses they work with currently is 9,000. How many rounds are possible in 2020 by GolfNow with this major acquisition?

Article about 2009 GolfNow Rounds:

Article about GolfNow acquisition of Ezlinks and 2018 & 2019 data:

Why would anyone critique a business that is delivering that volume of golf rounds to golf courses? If you are receiving reports that GN rounds are growing at your facility level, that is because in all likelihood they are. Growing from 3.8m rounds to 17m rounds in ten years is no small task. Their data says they are growing, and they are. Are they helping your business?

There is a major statistical flaw with any assumption this growth has helped our industry. Public golf rounds are not growing. Per Pellucid Corporation reporting (, public rounds dropped from 372.2M in 2009 to only 344.2M in 2019 in the United States. It is hard to know exactly how many of those 17m rounds were sold in the United States. However, by visiting you can see the vast majority of the courses featured are in the United States. How is it that GolfNow is growing its market share in the face of shrinking public golf rounds? Who is being impacted? There can only be one answer, the golf course owners and operators are being impacted. One scenario, that can explain what is happening in our industry is competitive displacement.

“What is competitive displacement?”

“Competitive displacement is the act of convincing companies to make a shift from their existing solutions to yours.

Competitive displacement businesses capitalize on the mistakes, mishaps, and missed opportunities of their competitors.

Organizations utilize competitive marketing tactics and campaigns to shift loyalty.”

For more information on competitive displacement please see the article below which describes this concept in detail.

The golf industry has been historically poor at collecting golfer data and marketing to their customer. Through a combination of national network distribution, acquisition, and owning the lowest rate, one company GolfNow has managed to capture 3.5M unique worldwide users that booked 17m rounds. The right questions to ask are as follows:

Is this third-party bringing in new golfers?

Is this third-party making golfers play more often?

If the answer is yes, don’t you think total rounds would be growing?

If rounds are not growing, and our market share is shrinking, are we simply just displacing our organic customers into third party channels?


How does competitive displacement occur in the golf space? Anytime a club loses one of the following:

1.) 100% ownership of its customer data

2.) 100% assurance their customers will not be remarketed to their competitors

a. Jay Karen, President of the NGCOA has posted two articles that clearly outline the marketing efforts which draw your customers away from your course and to GN.

i. Does your marketing partner use your golf course and tee times as part of their biggest promotion of the year, and you get $0 from it?

ii. Why golfpass may be the worst thing for golf courses since barter.

3.) 100% control and ownership of the lowest price in the market

Then, inevitably in time, the displacement of your customers will occur. Your customer’s data will be in someone else’s hands, they will re-market to those customers to advance their business, and they will achieve pricing loyalty by offering the lowest price. Any club that barters is subscribing to competitive displacement in the golf space. In a season, perhaps the impact is minimal, but over the course of many years, you are subscribing to a weaker business model.


So here is a scenario, every golf course owner in the country is brought to a meeting in 2009. We are told the following facts.

1.) Public Golf Rounds will drop in the next ten years from 372.2m rounds to 342.2m rounds in the United States.

2.) Approximately 800 Golf Courses will close in the next ten years in the United States.

3.) Through third party distribution, you will have access to 3.5M unique golfers who will book more than 17M rounds of golf worldwide. However, your market share will not increase. In fact, it will decrease.


Would the owners and operators sign up for such a Macroeconomic impact? I doubt yes, but this is the world we live in right now. When you give your data away, your lowest price, and when your historical market share is shrinking then it is time to take your golf back!