Food and Beverage

We believe Food & Beverage outlets should operate as Profit Centers. Our standards are designed to allow our operators the ability to facilitate fiscal success on both sides of the income statement.

Achieving Food & Beverage financial benchmarks is accomplished through rigorous training programs, and proprietary systems that mitigate costs and improved sales.

We Believe…
that F&B should run as a profit center.

What you get from Brown Golf Food and Beverage,
and why it matters…

All the Benefits of Scale

Centralized Resources

Your F&B directors are no longer left by themselves. Access our network of industry professionals to gain insights on driving sales, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Buying Power

Instantly increase profit margins by leveraging Brown Golf’s buying programs. Save thousands on consumables, perishables, and supplies your already purchasing.

Proven Strategies

Maximize your F&B outlets through detailed programs that are easily customized to fit your facility. Our team is dedicated to documenting every program’s effectiveness to allow for better business decisions in the future.

Centralized Knowledge Base

Inventory Control

Strengthen your current inventory systems to prevent loss and improve margins. Access detailed inventory control processes to ensure your inventory is properly controlled and reported.

Knowledge and Training

Elevate your staff’s capability to provide superior customer service while effectively managing the administrative operation. Your staff will instantly gain access to our intranet containing valuable documents and tools proven to increase quality and profitability.

Weekly Trend Reporting

Knowing exactly where you stand throughout the month provides owners with performance snapshots and allows operators to quickly reference their spending to stay in line with facility goals.

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