Golf Course Marketing

We know your department managers have enough on their plate. Managing customer service expectations, staffing, administrative tasks, developing and implementing revenue generating programs, and other daily tasks leaves little room for creating, deploying and tweaking an effective marketing campaign.

This gap has allowed for golf courses to rely more on 3rd party tee time vendors to handle their marketing department which often leads to generic campaigns and provides more access for them to market these customers for their own benefit.

Brown Golf is committed to building the bridge spanning this gap and reconnecting you with your customs through efficient and proven strategies to hoist your club back on top.

We Believe…
Winning the attention of younger demographics without disrupting our senior player population is the marketing challenge of our time.

What you get from Brown Golf Marketing,
and why it matters…

All the Benefits of Scale

Centralized Resources

Your facility will have direct access to our BG Drive Team. A specialized, dedicated department of Golf Operators and Marketers staged and ready to elevate your facility’s marketing efforts and grow revenues. The BG Drive team provides insights and offers customized resources to help you win.

Best Practices

Instantly increase awareness and marketing knowledge at your facility. Tapping into our network, your team is provided full access to effective marketing tactics at the click of a button.

Brand Management

Ensure your brand is supported both physically and digitally. The BG Drive Team supports your staff to handle and respond to customer reviews and develop custom strategies to increase the perceived value of your brand overtime.

Win Attention & Grow Awareness

Content Marketing

Guide your customers through the buying process with specific content tailored to their wants and needs. Analytical data tied together with automated campaigns save times and ensures the right message is being presented along the customers journey.

Monthly Reach Report

Gain measurable insight to your current approach to growing your marketing channels. Our Monthly Reach Report highlights the effectiveness of the current strategy and provides actionable data for future adjustments.

Continuous Improvement

Optimize your current web-based channels and expand your digital footprint to increase exposure and reach new customers. Our team helps to get your brand in front potential customers through an omni-channel approach.

Drive Net New Business in the Door

Search Engine Optimization

Get noticed by potential customers and show up higher in search engine ranking pages. Our team will plan and deploy effective SEO strategies that can increase your ranking which leads to increased impressions on your services and drives more revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your audience to build your brand. Your facility has access to a dedicated social media manager that works directly with the onsite staff to develop strategies and tactics to grow your social media marketing endeavors.

Digital Advertising

Target specific audiences and influence buying decisions in your local markets through paid reach campaigns. Digital ads are contextual for every micro-segment we identify in your local set.

Grow Lifetime Value through Retention

Database Cultivation

Maintain and grow your database to increase your ability to connect with your customers. BG Drive team members deploy automated data collection wherever possible and work with your facility to and ensure proper strategies leverage onsite to capture information.

Website Management & Design

Make your website work for you. We provide an audit of the current website to certifying each component is functional and key information is present and up to date which can save your staff countless hours in replying contact form submissions and improve the overall user experience.

Email Marketing Automation

Deliver value and increase your community’s engagement by leveraging automated email campaigns triggered at strategic points throughout your customers interaction with your club.

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