Membership Sales

Brown Golf brings real results with real membership strategies and campaigns.  The fundamentals for all Brown Golf Campaigns deliver these items for our clients:

  • Unique understanding for a club’s market position and competition.
  • Analysis of a club’s current categories and opportunities in the market.
  • A marketing campaign geared around the unique value and benefits of your facility.
  • A salesforce culture embedded throughout the club.
  • Extensive process for delivering CRM tools that ensure the necessary databasing and follow up to make each active membership campaign an optimal success.

We Believe…
that increasing membership sales begins with identifying opportunities in the market and adding value to every class.

What you get from Brown Golf Sales,
and why it matters…

Case Study:
Turning your boring No Winter Dues Program into a winning Membership Campaign

Most clubs located in colder climates are quick to adopt a No Winter Dues Promotion which will offer new prospective members the ability to join a facility without paying dues over the winter.    If your club does this keep reading!

For example, a club that has a $0 Initiation Fee and a $500 a month dues structure for a Family Golf Membership in a state like New Jersey might allow a person to join a club on November 1st and not be required to pay dues in November, December, January, and February.   Their dues structure would begin March 1st.

Given the above scenario, how much value does the customer actually receive?   Does the above promotion actually move the needle?  The answer is…….NO.

The goal of the promotion is obvious in the sense that the club is trying to create a pipeline of dues paying members when the weather turns in the spring.  However, the value equation for the customer does not deliver.

Brown Golf has taken a scenario like the above strategy, repackaged using the same economics, and then delivered value to the marketplace which has immensely helped deliver members.   Here is how:

Brown Golf Christmas Promotion: (Aka a Better No Winter Dues Campaign)

The Christmas Promotion is a membership promotion designed to deliver the same economics as the No Winter Dues promotion, however it is repackaged to offer creative marketing opportunities and value to the customer.   The way we have done this is:

Instead of offering No Winter Dues on a $500 per month dues membership for four months over the winter.   We offer the following:

Christmas Promotion:    Join today and save $2,440 of value!

  • Available November 24th to December 24th
  • Join now for only $95 per month over for four months and receive:
    • $600 in Pro Shop Merchandise
    • $1,620 in Membership Dues Savings for four months of savings
    • $170 in Two Complimentary Guest Fees
    • $50 in Two Complimentary Cart Fees

Extra Credit

Anytime you sign up a new member don’t let your sales process stop there.    An additional, “Friends Offering” should always be presented to the new member.  For example, if we signed up a new member under the Christmas Promotion we would immediately offer them the chance to double their pro shop credit and double the pro shop credit for any lead they brought us who signed up during the Christmas Promotion.   Would you as the club be willing to give $1,200 more dollars of pro shop credit which in turn is costing you about (65% COG = $780) for a new member?  Not only is it an opportunity for new revenue from a new person it is also a friend of a brand new member who will assist in the transition of making both members more sticky (More likely to enjoy the facility and become long term members).

Program Strengths:

  1. There is a short timeframe to take advantage or a call to action for the customer.
  2. You are marketing and promoting this concept during a time of the year people are in buying mode.
  3. There is a low monthly entry point to join of $95.And, there is a perceived $405 a month savings which can help justify joining a country club in the winter.
  4. The $600 of retail value the customer sees is only going to cost the club approximately 65% of that number in actual cost (Cost of Goods Percentage is typically 65% of Sales).The $95 monthly fee for the first four months can be used to cover the cost of goods creating the $600 of value offered.
  5. Instead of promoting No Winter Dues you lump the winter dues savings in with the other benefits and give the customer one large number of savings they can focus on.Using that larger number in all of your marketing generates interest.  Interest leads to inquiries which will lead to sales.
  6. Adding the guest rounds and cart fees is a minimal cost to the club and can assist in creating more value for the new prospect.
  7. The best aspect of this program is there is instant gratification.It is extremely rewarding to sign up a new member, walk them down to your golf shop, and say enjoy spending your $600.

On a deeper analysis, under the No Winter Dues Promotion the customer does save $2,000 in dues.  They receive no additional value and for whatever reason prospective customers do not react to this offering.   However, when you repackage and promote the dues savings, with other values, you have a much stronger ability to promote the large savings number to generate interest.  Would you be more likely to be interested in a campaign that offered No Winter Dues or a campaign that offered $2,440 of savings and an immediate $600 of merchandise?

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