Social Media

Let’s face it, 95% of golf course operators are not social media experts and the offering from many 3rd party solutions are often promising upfront until you realize the generical content they provide does little to serve your individual club brand.

Brown Golf is committed to helping you increase your club’s brand through the cultivation of your social communities.

Our dedicated team members work with your staff to produce relevant content that focuses on providing value, increased engagement, and powerful promotional pieces to excite, nurture, and inform your community across multiple channels.

We Believe…
that social media should be utilized to enhance your brand, engage with your audience, and provide value to the community.

What you get from Brown Golf Social Media,
and why it matters…

All the Benefits of Scale

Dedicated Social Media Manager

Elevate your social media marketing campaigns. Brown Golf’s dedicated Social Media Manager provides your staff with guidance to effective marketing and building your club’s social community.

Centralized Graphic Design

Increase productivity and make your social media posts outshine the competition. Access our team’s professional skills and design tools to craft amazing imagery that stand out in the crowd.

Staff Training

Having the proper instruction on how to engage your audience with the right information at the right time through various social media channels is paramount to the overall health and success of your facility. Through a series of video conferences, webinars, and one-on-one sessions we can teach your operators how to understand and provide this content on your social media channels.

Centralized Knowledge Base

Social Media Strategy

Having a defined social media plan of action supports an overall goal to bringing awareness to your social media channels. A dedicated Social Media manager will assist in creating your social media strategy that is in line with the goals of your facility.

Performance Auditing

Identify your strengths and weakness on social media to formulate a strategy for growing your digital presence. Our team can quickly assess your current digital strategy to find areas that can be strengthened in assisting you with growing your digital brand.


Having the presence of knowing where you stand in your current market is vital when making decisions on pricing, membership, and other key revenue aspects of your business. Knowing that you have the right strategy in place can make or break your audience’s decision on whether to become a customer. Our focus for your facility is to compare your digital standing to the rest of your market so that the right adjustments can be made to put your facility at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Iterations of Execution & Refinement


Increasing automation on your social media channels allows your operators to focus on other aspects of your business. Having access to a Social Media Manager who will work to create automated posts that are relevant and engaging with your audience can save time and money for everyone at your facility.

Paid Campaigns

Creating paid social media and web campaigns can bring attention to your facility from various areas of online traffic. The BG Drive team will read the analytics of your social media and web traffic to assist your facility with creating a campaign to help attract and target the right people to your facility.

Analytics Reporting

Identifying your social media strategy’s effectiveness is key when adjusting to current trends and predicting future trends. The BG Drive Team will create and read the reporting with you to assist with adjustments to your social media strategy.

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