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Welcome to the new Brown Golf

Our vision is to give golf course owners complete autonomy.

We believe that winning means removing 3rd party providers from the ecosystem and taking full control of the entire customer experience from beginning to end.

Where could your facility use a competitive edge right now?


Your value proposition as seen every day by your customers vs. your local competitive set.


Proven activities for winning market share and driving net new business in the door.


Gain efficiency, discover savings, and minimize mistakes by centralizing standardized work.


Make the most informed decisions possible for your club, leveraging experience and data.

Founded in 2011, Brown Golf has grown to a portfolio size that includes eight states, twenty-one facilities, and twenty seven golf courses.  Brown is a leader in providing revenue driven technology to deliver maximum margin while collecting key customer data.

The company’s business includes acquisition, leases, and third party management.  Brown is not simply a service company, but also a company that is vested financially in more than half of the portfolio.

Brown Golf has been listed as a Golf Inc top 25 management company since 2015.

We believe the things that make your club unique should stay local…
And you should strongly consider centralizing the rest.

We’re seeing that stand-alone facilities simply cannot compete
with the scaled efficiencies that management companies offer.